Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mysterious Happenings at Home

Hi guys,
Guess what? I had been swamped lately by correspondences about mysterious happenings here in the islands. One of my feloow islander came up lately and realted that a group of people including himself saw an alien aircraft, conventional structure, but very strange behaviour.

The aircraft, smaller than a Dash 7, but bigger than a Twin Otter, flew stright into the sea half a km out from the shore, as if it crashed. Hysterical villagers paddled their little canoes to the spot where the aircraft dived but could not see any wreckage. It was dusking then so they left for the shore and waited for news over the national radio. Nothing. but some folks rang the police and soon the government ordered an air search and rescue operation. Again nothing could be found in a few k/meters radius that could account for an air crash.

The very next day though, on a clear morning, to the amazement of the same villagers, the same aircraft took off from the area it went down the previous evening. More fear, more hysteria.

Please help explain if such crafts exist in other parts of our planet. We have not seen anything like this unless we are really behind times!