Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Forgotten Isles

If you are in the continents, most likely you have never heard about the isles de salomon, now called Solomon Islands. Lost for 400 years after its dicovery in 1568! For billions of people it is still unknown today, especially those without the internet.

If you are deliberately hiding from someone, naturally you would choose the most unlikely, uninteresting and out-of -the -way place to hide. Well same here for 'them' that do not want to be in the spot light of high tech forensics, and media attention. I mean aliens, UFOs, and beings with magical powers. The skeptics are in for a most rude awakening.

In the very near future DNA tests will be carried out on samples which will be extracted from remains to ascertain that these beings existed and co-existed with the locals for thousands of years till they were literally driven underground for their mere survival.

Keep your seat belts on! More news coming in from the investigators in the days ahead.


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