Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Basic Librarianship Tutorial Classes

I have taken the liberty to tutor some students doing the Certificate in Librarianship program of the University of the South Pacific through the local university centre. I thought it was going to be mundane, but how wrong was I? It was most rewarding and enjoyable. Getting these guys to understand the questions and to write in meaningful ways is quite uplifting, really.

I did not shoot any photos, now to my regret, but I'll be ready next session. I hope others join our group and hopefully we will create a little network back here in the balmy islands. In our last session I asked my little group: "What traditional methods of communications have we killed, fossilized, and rend valuable for their rarity, in the information age?" The answer to this question may surprise you. The answer will be posted next time around.

Then there was the issue of information as a tool for empowering people. But re-wording the phrase we said enriching. I divulged to the group that information specialists ( formerly librarians) and brokers do this stuff for their livelyhood because of the "en-rich-ing" lodged within the word.

So now we had a newer look at librarianship. Thus it became more fascinating and not so mundane.

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