Monday, May 17, 2010

The Ghost Library Association

Rumours had it that the library association in the Solomon Islands had been hibernating for the last twenty years. It is still in hibernation, waiting, waiting, and waiting... for who knows what. There were better associations which had become extinct, those with some kind of budget, so how worse off or better off would one expect of an association of traditional story tellers? I guess nothing much.

But that does not nullify the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which promises an awsome US $1 million dollars for any library association that submits a convincing proposal to qualify for funding. Such a promise, once materialized, would pull every single librarian into the association on full time employment for the next twenty years.Then story telling can really become the favorite program to attract users and librarians alike.

Let all good information providers come to the aid of the body and give it to this ghostly entity. No sacrifice, no life! Please let there be a revival before 2012. The sooner the better!

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